Dog Breeds Originating From Brazil:

Brazilian Terrier

Size: Medium 15-35 lb Energy Level: High Energy
Grooming: Brushing Once a Week or Less LifeSpan: 12 to 15 Years
Protective Ability: Good Watchdog Trainability: Very Easy To Train


Although the Brazilian Terrier was entirely developed within Brazil, most of its ancestors came from Europe.  The breed’s first ancestors may have arrived with the earliest...

Fila Brasileiro

Size: XX-Large 90-120 lb+ Energy Level: Medium Energy
Grooming: Rarely LifeSpan: 8 to 10 Years
Protective Ability: Very Protective Trainability: Difficult to Train


The Fila Brasileiro was developed in an era before written records were kept of dog breeding and was primarily kept in remote areas of tropical forest.  As a result, most of the...

Rastreador Brasileiro

Large 35-55 lb
X-Large 55-90 lb
Energy Level: N/A
Grooming: N/A LifeSpan: N/A
Protective Ability: N/A Trainability: N/A


Although the Rastreador Brasileiro was developed as a unique breed, it can trace its ancestry back to the earliest European settlement of Brazil.  Discovered and claimed for his kingdom b...